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Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds unveiled the first image of the franchise’s Domino character yesterday, and Twitter went rightfully beserk. Atlanta‘s Zazie Beetz will be filling the role, and the first look of her as Domino is nothing short of steamy.

Spinning the original comic depiction of the character on its head, the image features Domino – who in the illustrated version sports a pale complexion with a black mark over her left eye – as a black woman with a white mark over her eye, in what appears to be vitiligo, as well as her natural hair. It’s a welcome change to all of the recent – and let’s be honest, dating back through all of film history – whitewashing by Hollywood.

What’s more, the image manages to stay true to Deadpool’s signature self-deprecating humor, with Domino taking on the titular superhero’s signature reclining fireside pose, with him squashed neatly beneath her. No doubt she’ll be a strong match for the lewd-mouthed Deadpool, however the bad news is that it doesn’t release until June next year, so for the meantime these photos will have to suffice.

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  • Lead Image: 20th Century Fox
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