Floyd Mayweather has revealed he expects to make over $300 million for his fight against Conor McGregor on August 26.

The undefeated boxer came up with the figure in Showtime’s recent All Access: Mayweather v. McGregor preview. Conditions of the purse split have not been made public, but providing fans start buying seats, such numbers don’t seem so out of line. Mayweather said:

“I mean, am I the highest-paid athlete out there? And just coming back? We not talking about no contract. We not talking about no contract for no 4 years, or no contract for no 5 years. I can do it in 36 minutes. $300 (million) or better. In 36 minutes.

When broken down, that works out at around $8 million per minute in the ring. McGregor, meanwhile, is expected to rake in around $100 million — far less, but still his biggest pay check to date.

Still, it’s not all good news for the man dubbed “Money.” ESPN analysts Darren Rovell and Dan Rafael claim in a new projection that the Mayweather-McGregor fight will gross less than the total Mayweather-Pacquiao banked two years ago. The experts claim the fight will take in around $606 million: $17 million less than Mayweather’s previous “super fight.”

Floyd could buy a lot of kicks with $300 million. Here are his best footwear moments.

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