Life beyond style

A new short skate film titled Born Wild has been released, and it’s basically a huge “fuck you” to life’s rejections.

The film depicts a young skater called Michael, who dreams to leave his small town in Nevada to go to the skater’s paradise of Los Angeles. His dreams are left in tatters, however, when he receives a phone call informing him that he’s been refused entry to a skating contest.

Despite the setback, Michael embarks on an epic rolling journey through small towns and wilderness. It’s the perfect homage to nature, freedom, skateboarding and youth culture. Watch it in full above.

In other news, this fitness app plays music that changes pace when you do.

  • Directors: Victor Willems & Marin Troude
  • Music: Hell it's Paradise

Daniel is the editor of Highsnobiety Life. He grew up in north of England and is now based in Berlin.

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