They may not be on the best of terms at the moment, but there’s no denying the impact that JAY-Z and Kanye West’s collaborative album Watch the Throne has had on hip-hop and music in general. Today, we in turn celebrate the anniversary of the much-hyped super project, which originally dropped on August 8 back in 2011.

If you remember, as soon as the album made its way online, it was basically like a global listening party via social media. While everyone went on to provide their commentary that night and the following days, weeks and months, Watch the Throne then moved 436,000 units within its first week of being available.

Following was a selection of sold-out shows, where JAY and Kanye seemingly attempted to see how many times they could perform “Ni**as in Paris” at each setting.

In celebration of the iconic joint album, today we’ve taken to Twitter to see how everyone out their is remembering Watch the Throne.

And hey, JAY and ‘Ye, can you two just reconcile already so we can get that Watch the Throne 2?

  • Lead Image:Ethan Miller/Wire Image

Not NYC, not LA.

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