Reddit user has shared this hilariously accurate guide for making a hit Drake song in just four easy steps.

First, Jeetu410 explains, you need to set the tone with some melodic chords. Next, add a “Spanish type beat,” and toss in a kick and a snare. (See: any song on VIEWS)

The third step instructs you to throw in some high-pitched piano with a little reverb — think intro to “Over My Dead Body.”

Lastly, “rap/sing” some lyrics about the girl who hurt you. (Just Google Drake)

The Reddit user then shares some original lyrics that we had to make sure weren’t actually Drake. One specific line that has the comment section going crazy — “It’s 2 a.m. and I’m scrolling down your timeline. Thinkin’ about how you spend all that time lyin’.”

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Words by Arianna Zaidenweber
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