At 13 years old, Millie Bobby Brown is among the youngest people to receive an Emmy nomination, but that’s not enough for the actor — she’s also interested in hosting the awards ceremony. On Brown’s appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the star hatched up a plan to secretly co-host the Emmys with Colbert.

“I think we should sort something out there,” Brown said. “I think that I should be your co-host. So, you host and I’ll wink at you at some point and then you’ll be like, ‘OK, this is the moment where we have to get the envelope and say, Millie Bobby Brown.’ So, do you wanna do that?”

On the show, Brown also revealed that she’s never seen Stranger Things, saying that she “didn’t find the time to watch it.” Despite this, she confirms that season two is “10 times better” than the first.

Watch the video above.

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