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Samuel L. Jackson is the latest celebrity to step up to the mic in a rap battle against James Corden.

The Late Late Show host has already gone toe-to-toe with names including Usain Bolt and Kevin Hart with varying degrees of success. Here, however, there can be no doubt of the outcome: Corden gets roasted like a rotisserie chicken. Opening his play with a rather pathetic barb of, “It’s another ‘Drop the Mic’ where I end up an abuser to prove the ‘L’ in Samuel L. Jackson stands for loser,” big Sam looks slightly bemused, before barking back:

“I feel bad for you son, ’cause I’m the real star/ No one knows who you are without Adele in a car/ It’s amazing you’re anonymous and over-exposed and you look like a Minion in too-tight clothes.”


Watch the footage above, and check out Usain Bolt’s appearance below.

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