Tune in and turn up

Having been convicted of three counts of fraud for which he faces a potential 45 years in jail, these are nervy times for Martin Shkreli.

As you might’ve suspected, finding an impartial juror for the trial has not been easy: over 200 candidates have been dismissed so far because of their harbored hostility towards the “Pharma Bro.” (You may recall how, back in 2015, Shkreli infamously raised the price of an anti-AIDS drug by 5,000 percent.)

Now, Harper’s has shared transcripts from the trial which document would-be jurors reasons for abdicating. Some are long-winded, while others claim they’re unable to fairly appraise someone who “kind of looks like a dick.”

The stand-out comment, however, arrives from juror 59 — this person claims they can’t take part because Shkreli prejudiced his opinion by disrespecting the Wu-Tang Clan.

Read the rest of the transcripts by clicking the Harper’s link above.

Speaking of the Wu Tang, RZA is bringing back Wu Wear clothing.

  • Main and Featured Image: Drew Angerer / Getty Images
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