As we are just days away from the showdown of the century between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, the Irishman recently took time in between training sessions to speak with Andrew McGahon of TheMacLife.com. Conor in turn touched on everything from his aforementioned training to having complete support from Dana White and the UFC, the rule change to wearing eight ounce gloves, referees, and being accustomed to the spotlight that is seemingly now bigger than ever.

“We’re ready to go change the face of the fight game once again,” McGregor insisted when speaking on his bout with Floyd Mayweather. He then went on to add that for Floyd to have welcomed a mixed martial artist into his camp to train for the reigning UFC Lightweight Champion, Bruce Lee would have to have been reincarnated to mimic what he can do.

For the entire conversation leading up to this Saturday’s uber-anticipated McGregor/Mayweather match, press play above.

So, who you got?

For more, see what Mayweather really thinks of Conor McGregor.

Not NYC, not LA.

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