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HBO has unveiled the preview for next week’s Game of Thrones finale, teasing a meeting of all your favorite characters. Well, almost all of them.

The short clip shows a very tense meeting between Cersai and Jon Snow, taking place in the historical Targaryen dragonpit. Tyrion, Davos and Jaime are also present, but surprisingly Daenerys is nowhere to be seen.

The group is mostly silent before Jon dramatically announces, “There’s only one war that matters and it is here.” The trailer also shows Sansa alone in Winterfell and the Unsullied preparing to go into battle.

The season 7 finale will be the longest episode of Game of Thrones yet, coming in at an almost movie-length 81 minutes. Watch the teaser above.

In other news, here’s why Jon Snow doesn’t wear a hat in Game of Thrones.

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