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Hopefully you guys aren’t having any trouble seeing following today’s epic solar eclipse. And regardless of if you partook in the phenomenon today or not, we decided to put together a little roundup of some of the best photos captured during the eclipse of the sun.

Such an occasion is no doubt a photographer’s dream — and pretty much anyone out there doing it for the ‘gram, for the matter. So below we’ve highlighted some of the best shots taken during today’s solar eclipse. And yes, it’s okay to look.

#NYC #Eclipse

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Eclipse mania #rickwesterfineart #eclipse2017 #lynndunham #eclipsephotography #eclipseart #northamericansolareclipse2017

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The star of the show for tomorrow’s #Eclipse2017. We are watching the rehearsal up here and I think it will be a good show.

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#nyteclipsewatch #nyc #bryantpark #npr

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Two seconds, then totality. #solareclipse

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