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When Walter Iooss Jr. invites you to view his private photography collection in Montauk, you go. For those unfamiliar, Iooss is arguably the most iconic sports photographer ever, having shot legendary frames of Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Serena Williams, Brett Farve, Kobe Bryant… He is the OG. Besides shooing literally every major athlete across most sports, Iooss worked closely with Atlantic Records, Sports Illustrated and it’s famous Swimsuit Edition (see cover image of Brooklyn Decker).

Walter’s nonchalant demeanor alongside his collection of work that I studied in school and keep on my “inspiration” Tumblr (yes, I still use Tumblr) was humbling to stay the least. Scroll down to follow my photo journey to Montauk and exploration of a mind boggling collection of photography.

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The trip commenced with a 45 minute helicopter ride to Walter’s estate on the furthest tip of Montauk. Yes, I still feel like Patrick Bateman.

My favorite frame from the air lift.

Views from Walter's Montauk home

Touchdown. This is Walter’s backyard, literally. Some famous SI Swimsuit photos were taken down here.

Ok, so this is what I’ve been getting to this whole time. Walter’s Montauk collection features some of his most iconic work along with prints from contemporaries like Annie Leibovitz, Irving Penn Peter Beard and Alfred Eisenstaedt.

Leaving in the same luxe fashion that I arrived, Cadillac came through with the CT6 Plug-In to make the entire trip run smoothly (like almost too smooth  — I couldn’t feel the car accelerate).

For more from Cadillac be sure to check out their sinister-looking Escala concept

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