We can’t say we didn’t see this coming. Ahead of their bout on Saturday, camps Mayweather and McGregor came together in Las Vegas for the first time yesterday. Of course, it didn’t well.

Mayweather was the first to pitch up and could barely be seen. Marooned in the middle of his huge entourage, the undefeated champion was booed by the crowd and remained mostly hidden on stage by a media scrum. McGregor then arrived in typically frenzied style, grabbing an Irish tricolor from the crowd and performing an impromptu lap of honor.

After taking to the mic, the Irishman claimed Mayweather needed “to be put to sleep,” while the boxer thanked his fans around the world, saying the fight was “unlikely to go the distance.” Trouble then flared as both men left the stage. When The Money Team exited and passed McGregor’s camp, both sides walked slowly towards one another. A large ruckus ensued, with journalists and photographers stuck in the middle of the brouhaha.

And the trouble didn’t end there for McGregor. When leaving the stage, he was confronted by former sparring partner Pauli Malignaggi. “Did you bring your balls this time?” Malignaggi said repeatedly, with McGregor replying: “You got your ass whooped.” After being separated, the UFC Champion then exchanged a string of verbals with a Mayweather fan.

Look out for this post updating with footage from the comical melee as it emerges. The pair square off again at a media press conference tonight and then again at the weigh-in on Friday.

In other news, here’s everything you need to know for planning your big Mayweather-McGregor weekend.

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