The Highsnobiety inboxes are inundated on a daily basis with new brands vying for a piece of the spotlight. So, to help you show off your vast knowledge of obscure fashion labels, each month we take a moment to introduce you to a fresh batch of upcoming talent.

Below, you’ll find some of the best collections to land in our inbox this month from experimental Russian fashion to streetwear from Lil Yachty’s squad. Get to know this diverse array of brands before they’re all massive.

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From: Copenhagen, Denmark

In a Nutshell: A line of quintessentially minimalist Scandinavian menswear, with timeless silhouettes and premium fabrics that’ll slip effortlessly into anyone’s wardrobe.

Key Pieces: The crisp white camp-collared shirting and zip-up field jackets are anyone-could-wear-it classics.


From: Moscow, Russia

In a Nutshell: Arty and experimental fashion, with unusual detailing and unusual fabrics.

Key Pieces: The taped-up, raw-hemmed corduroy shorts in #3 are both standout and wearable, likewise the oversized grey polo-collared sweater, also in #3.


From: Tokyo, Japan

In a Nutshell: Sporty streetwear from the land of insane fashion creations (aka Japan). Poliquant’s name is a mix of the words ‘polite’ and ‘piquant’ (which means “having a pleasantly sharp taste”), and the brand mixes big ’90s-style color-blocking with utility clips and massive zips.

Key Pieces: For statement pieces, we’d recommend the paneled windbreakers and anything with a safety clip on it.


From: USA

In a Nutshell: Graphic-heavy streetwear, with tons of eye-catching designs for the core streetwear heads out there.

Key Pieces: The “Giant” tee is a guaranteed Instagram banger.


From: New York, USA

In a Nutshell: The brainchild of Nobu Watanabe and Jay Escobara, Saenei gets its name from a Japanese word meaning strange and unusual, and the two designers channel the spirit of their namesake with a variety of fashion-forward pieces.

Key Pieces: The massively oversized striped knit, inspired by the sweater Kurt Cobain immortalized back in the ’90s.


From: Los Angeles

In a Nutshell: Serenede is a new line of fashion-forward streetwear, and the brand has enlisted Instagram star Aleali May and pro skater Boo Johnson to model its debut collection.

Key Pieces: The rainbow-hued side-stripe pants, flame-patterned trousers and heavily embellished jackets are grade A statement pieces.

Vercetti & Co.

From: USA

In a Nutshell: Erron Vercetti, part of Lil’ Yachty’s Sailing Team clique, has debuted his own line of ’90s-style streetwear. There’s no pulled punches here — Vercetti’s line is all about high-powered statement clothing and eyewear (which got a shout-out in Yachty’s “Peek a Boo” club hit).

Key Pieces: Those yellow tracksuits and stunt goggles, obviously.


From: New York

In a Nutshell: Wonders is a line of contemporary menswear, and this season the brand’s collection is a tribute to NBA bad boy Dennis Rodman.

Key Pieces: The sporty pieces with contrasting red piping, oversized khaki parkas and cream sweatsuits are all big vibes.

Words by Alec Leach
Freelance Writer/Editor/Consultant

Alec Leach grew up in Brighton, England, but now lives in Berlin

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