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The recent solar eclipse had millions of people going mad with questions and uncertainty — can we look at it? Will we go blind if we do? How do we know if we’ve damaged our eyes?

For all you daredevils out there who took a glimpse on Monday without the correct protective eyewear, Tech Insider has shared a video on how to tell if the solar eclipse destroyed your vision. According to the video, if you looked up at the sun during its eclipse, symptoms of damage will appear in about 12 hours. *checks watch*

These are some symptoms to look out for: blurred vision when trying to read something like your phone or a white mark in the center of your vision. Because your retinas (the back part of the eye) have no pain receptors, you won’t be able to feel the impact immediately; however, damage done to your eyes during the eclipse can leave lifelong effects.

Keep this in mind for the next total solar eclipse, taking place in the US in 2024.

Now that we know the science behind it, did Joey Bada$$ really stare at the eclipse long enough to cancel his shows?

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