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Floyd Mayweather is widely expected to come out on top when he meets Conor McGregor this Saturday night, but according to experts, Conor’s night could be a whole lot worse than just a crushing defeat.

While fans expect a raucous fight and Vegas casinos, bookies and fight promoters wait for the mountains of money to roll in, The New York Times is reporting that one fighter safety group would rather the fight not happen at all.

The Association of Ringside Physicians, a group of more than 100 ringside doctors, whose members have decades of experience working major fights across a number of jurisdictions, is arguing that Mayweather far outmatches McGregor and that the latter’s safety is at risk while in the ring.

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“We were very surprised this bout was even sanctioned and was going to be permitted to carry on,” said Larry Lovelace, a doctor and the president of the organization. “The thing I really fear, truly fear, is that somebody’s going to get really hurt in this upcoming fight.”

Richard Steele, a retired Hall of Fame referee who worked for four decades officiating many of the sport’s biggest fights, said he was not sure he would have sanctioned the bout.

“Here’s a guy from one sport, challenging the world’s best in his own sport — I really don’t know how it’s going to work,” Steele said. “He [McGregor] can’t kick. He can’t elbow. He can’t do nothing. Nothing that he’s used to doing that makes him a great M.M.A. fighter.”

Steele also added that he would be more inclined to end the fight earlier than other professional bouts if McGregor begins to struggle. Head over to The New York Times to read the full report.

Now, here’s everything you need to know before planning your big Mayweather-McGregor weekend.

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