True Renaissance men are hard to come by these days, but Theo Martins is without a doubt one of them. The rising musical talent has a finger in many pies at the moment, from an upcoming collection with Urban Outfitters to running his own cereal bar (yes, cereal bar) in Los Angeles. But today, we are here for the music.

Martins has just launched a self-directed visual for “Bad Tendencies,” a track that will appear on his upcoming collaborative project TM, made with legendary producer Thelonious Martin. Watch the video above, and see our chat below wherein we discuss the plethora of projects Martins is cooking up.

Tell us a bit about the upcoming project TM. How did you get started?

Myself and Thelonious had loosely collaborated in 2015 with “Show Me Around”. It was my friend Anwar Carrots who made the suggestion to collaborate for a full length under the name ‘TM.’ All praise to that him.

“Bad Tendencies” is a song that is pretty cutting in its honesty. What was it like bringing a visual component to the themes of the track?

I flew home to Providence, Rhode Island to shoot that video. I snuck into my old high school and shot in the gyms and classrooms. Like the TM album, “Bad Tendencies” is rooted in my identity and my upbringing, it’s a window into my world and what it felt like experiencing these things. I’m very proud of it.

You’ve recently opened a cereal bar… how did the inspiration strike on that one? Do you have an order you recommend we try?

I recently opened Cereal & such on May 5th. My focus was to create a physical destination for myself and likeminded individuals looking for fellowship all in the name of cereal. Our process here is very simple: Cereal, Tea, Coffee. Thats it. I always go for Cinnamon Toast Crunch, it needs nothing to make it magical.

You’ve also just wrapped up a capsule collection for Urban Outfitters. What were some of the things you were thinking about when designing it?

We (Good Posture) worked with Urban Outfitters for a panel discussion and film screening in April, we decided to give it another go and get some cotton together and make something special. I designed 6 exclusive products for their stores. There are some commercials that will be airing for it shortly as were having a N64 tournament there as well. Loads of fun.

Your Wikipedia page tells us that you are “[a man that] marches to the beat of his own drum,” is that a fair assessment?

I’d say so. I’m very much led by “feeling” as opposed to what’s “right” or “wrong” for an musician, designer, entrepreneur to do. Opening a cereal bar may not be “right” but it feels right to me. The same with releasing TM. We won’t innovate if we stick to the script.

So what’s on the horizon? Where can we expect to find you a year from now?

Hm, hopefully more work. Tom Sachs said, “the reward for work is more work” and I’d like that. I hope to do what I’m doing forever. In the meantime, there are more concepts stores like Cereal & such I’m looking to open. Good Posture’s new collection is looking great and my show, The Theo Show will begin shooting a pilot. More work.

If you could take anyone in the world out to ice cream right now, who would it be and why?

First, I’d take them out for cereal. It’d be Pharrell and we’d chat over a bowl of Lucky Charms. It’s his favorite.

Stream Theo Martins’ ‘TM’ right here.

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