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The Ro House is a private residence located in Pachuca, Mexico, that underwent a precise design layout due to the particular climate changes of its geography.

Designed by Carrillo Architects, the project’s intention was to take the most important values of the residence and reintegrate them into the new design. The concept creates a direct connection between the interior and exterior spaces through the use of covered terraces, allowing daily life to intermingle with areas of family life, and maintain a constant connection from any space.

The first of the volumes consists of the service, which is comprised of the kitchen and breakfast area that is covered by a glass dome. The second volume makes way to the living and dining room, which is situated between the patio that accompanies the breakfast room and the space designed with small terraces and green platforms that unify the volumes with glass roofs and concrete slabs.

Finally, the third volume includes recreational spaces, and as a finishing touch, the last patio is outdoors, where all are formed into a single, multifunctional space that offers full visuals to the green areas and platforms. Additionally, circulation between spaces is presented in a double height that also directs to the stairs, that lead to the house’s sleeping quarters, located on the second floor.

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Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

scribbling by day, architect by night

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