It seems that Jaden Smith and Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig have a new anime show that will soon make its Netflix debut. Back in 2015, the Vampire Weekend frontman tweeted a photo of himself and Jaden Smith, with what appears to be a section of a storyboard with the caption “things are bubbling in the sea beneath 14th street.”

On Tuesday, he followed up on the tweet with some screenshots, mentioning “Neo Yokio” and thanking Studio Deen, Production IG, Jaden Smith, and Kazuhiro Furuhashi, and also shared a short animated clip featuring a pink haired character.

The name Neo Yokio was procured from “Neo Tokyo,” the setting of the 1988 landmark anime film and manga Akira. A Neo Yokio Instagram account has also been created, with its first nine posts forming an image of a city landscape, and one of the slideshow posts reading “September 22 – Netflix, “suggesting the project is coming soon to the platform.

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As Stereogum pointed out, Jude Law mentioned “Neo Yokio” during a June 2016 TimesTalk. Law said at the time, “I was just part of a really eccentric and exciting project that Ezra Koenig, who’s the lead singer of Vampire Weekend—he wrote and conceived this animated series that’s about to start, I believe on Netflix, called ‘Neo Yokio.’” He continued, “I think Jaden Smith is playing this little boy called Kai in it, and I’m his butler. I’m this kind of huge robot butler called Charles, who is also a rocket ship. And it takes place in a New York that is sort of combined with Tokyo in the future.”

Netflix has not yet officially announced the project, so stay tuned for more details on Neo Yokio.

In other music news, listen to the official version of Chief Keef’s “Semi” right here.

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