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A graphic designer has Photoshopped the logos off Supreme items, asking whether the brand is worth the hype, or if under the iconic logo, Supreme’s products are just like everything else out there.

The lineup of Romano Dudaš’s website, Regular Products, mainly focuses on Supreme’s novelty pieces — the pocket knife, the guitar, the shovel, and the clippers — that even the brand’s biggest fans will concede are just “regular items” when stripped of the famous logo.

But the designer has also stripped back a Supreme wallet, a headband, a side bag, and backpacks, that die-hard fans could still argue retain their enviable quality — even without a box logo.

Browse a selection of the label-less items above, then head over to Regular Products to see the designer’s full selection.

In other news, here’s a full look at Supreme’s controversial collaboration with artist Andres Serrano.

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