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French artist duo Ella & Pitr have completed their latest work, The Shipwreck of Bienvenu, which is a large 47-meter mural in France that highlights the plight of refugees worldwide.

Painted on the side of Piney’s Dam in La Valla-En Gier, France, the dam was actually left abandoned due to its structural issues, and it became the artists’ perfect canvas.

Ella & Pitr’s team of five artists, suspended on ropes, completed the illustration of a figure in just two weeks, consisting of a giant holding an image of the dam, peaking out from the surrounding hills at its center, while also becoming one with the existing landscape.

The artists also shared a description of the art piece, saying, “After a long trip on his little boat, he finally arrived where he was looking for — thanks to a small picture of the place he dreamt about. He’s now resting, and questioning about what will happen next.”

In other large art installations, visual artist JR puts a child on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer
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