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Layering for fall is one of the pleasures of the cooler months arriving. Sure, it’s not winter yet, but there are days that are chilly enough to demand more than one layer. Fall can be a tricky one with its intermittent rain showers and fluctuating temperatures. That said; best to layer, lest the sun comes out.

Here’s our quick guide on how to layer for the fall in style.

Layer 1

As the leaves fall and the temperatures drop, comfort becomes paramount. For your first layer, we rounded up a few key items that are cozy and warm. From turtlenecks to hoodies to track coats, we are confident that these initial layers will serve you well, keep you warm without the overbearing itch of a wool sweater.

Layer 2

It’s fair to say that T-shirt weather is no more. That said, second layers are crucial for the impending cold weather. For your second layer, be sure to opt for something that is not heavy, but light and insulating. We suggest fleeces or puffy liner jackets, which are like the down comforter you might sadly leave every morning at home. Easy to fold up if you do break a sweat – and easy to wear and keep you warm.

Layer 3

Spring is not the only season with rain showers and fall has it’s share of soggy leaves and gray days. Keeping that in mind, the third layer should not only keep you warm but protect you from inclement weather. Whether it’s wind or rain, or both, you’ll find that the third layer of a parka, trench coat, or wax jacket will keep you not only warm, but also dry.

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Words by Molly Hannon
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