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What was first a concept by design firm Whitaker Studio is now being turned into a reality with the “Joshua Tree Residence,” situated on a 90-acre plot of rugged terrain in the California desert, owned by a Los Angeles-based film producer.

With the emphasis on taking shipping container architecture to the next level, the home will be comprised of containers, each oriented to maximize views and provide superb natural light, as well as to create privacy dependent on their location and use.

Inside, the 2,150-square-foot home will contain a kitchen, living room, dining area and three bedrooms. Off the back, two containers extend to meet the natural topography, creating a shielded outdoor area with a wooden deck and hot tub.

The interior and exterior will be painted white to reflect light from the sun and scorching temperature of the desert, while a nearby garage will be clad in solar panels to provide all of the power needed for the house.

Construction on the home is slated to begin in 2018.

In other design news, Zaha Hadid Architects is bringing architecture back to nature in a modern way.

Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

scribbling by day, architect by night

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