Hugh Hefner, Playboy founder and spearhead of the ’60s sexual revolution, has passed away at the age of 91. Hefner’s death was attributed to natural causes, with the Playboy Estate reporting that he died peacefully at his home, the Playboy Mansion. He is survived by his wife, Crystal, his sons, Cooper, David and Marston, and his daughter, Christie.

Hefner’s cultural impact extends far beyond the magazine which he launched amid the conservativism of the 1950s. By altering the public’s conception of obscenity, the silk pajama-clad icon redefined sexuality and gender throughout America. As Time magazine wrote in a 1967 cover story: “Hefner was the first publisher to see that the sky would not fall and mothers would not march if he published bare bosoms; he realized that the old taboos were going.”

In his octogenarian years, Hefner took a step back from the public limelight, instead preferring to stay at home with his numerous bunnies. Although sales of Playboy magazine recently dipped, with the publication even trialing a non-nudity version a couple of years ago, the brand has remained strong, and today generates a yearly revenue figure of some $1 billion. Post-2000, Playboy has become a perennial presence in the world of streetwear, partnering with the likes of Supreme, BAPE, Anti Social Social Club, Joyrich and Hysteric Glamour on limited capsules.

A pop culture tour de force in every sense, celebrities from the worlds of fashion, film, sports, art, and music have been paying tribute to the Hef. Find some of the reactions below.

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