Mayweather-McGregor might have been billed as the fight to end all fights, but it appears The Money Team couldn’t have been more relaxed in the build-up.

In a new interview, British boxer Chris Eubank Jr. has revealed just how confident Mayweather was before entering the ring on August 26. The American went into the bout as the overwhelming favorite and comfortably outclassed the UFC fighter over 10 rounds.

“Two weeks before the fight I watched him walk out of the strip club at 5 am,” said Eubank, who traveled to Las Vegas to train at Mayweather’s gym. “And the next week he’s at a pool party.

“He’s not drinking and he’s got his section up at the top and he’s just chilling and stuff but it’s like ‘you’re at a pool party and you’re about to fight in a week and a half’s time!'”

Eubank then had a word of caution for younger boxers. “You have kids that are looking at [Mayweather’s lifestyle] and thinking, ‘Oh, I can do that. I can go to the club and party and do whatever I want and then fight.’

You just can’t. With [Mayweather], I can pretty much guarantee you that lifestyle wasn’t how he got to where he is.”

Following the fight, Mayweather has been keeping things low-key at home, enjoying his ridiculously lavish new pad in Beverly Hills. Find some images below.

Relaxing in the 90210.

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My wine cellar in my Beverly Hills castle.

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Grabbing a few snacks before watching Sportscenter in my Beverly Hills Palace movie theatre, that comfortably seats 50 people.

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The grass ain't greener on the other side. #Beverly Hills #90210 #TBE #TMT

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SELF-MADE. #BeverlyHills

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Exclusive timeless artwork in my Beverly Hills home. #BeverlyHills #90210 #TBE #TMT

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He may have installed an artwork of him at his home, but 50 Cent recently confirmed that Mayweather “really didn’t like” Conor McGregor.