Tune in and turn up

If there’s one thing that gets most of us through the day, it’s new songs. Whether we’re scrolling through SoundCloud looking for mood tunes to help alleviate a case of the Mondays, or listening to a mixtape someone has sent our way, not a day goes by without some kind of music playing in our offices.

Since our inboxes tend to get inundated with projects from artists interested in coverage, we’re spotlighting some of the quietly wondrous singles that find their way to us each week. These artists may not have conquered the Billboard 100 (yet) but they’ve all got something unique to offer, and they’re all worth getting to know.

Scroll through to see our 10 under the radar tracks to discover this week, and stay tuned for a fresh selection next week.

“Baby It’s Not My Will”

Who: Christopher Port
Where: London
Sounds Like: Playing a box of dance and soul records you found in a crate submerged under the ocean during a seance.

“Flutter Failure”

Who: Dark0
Where: London
Sounds Like: Going inside ‘the grid’ from TRON and Jeff Bridges passes you a joint laced with some wild cybernetic strain of weed.

“Hot Property” ft. Tion Wayne, Afro B & Eugy

Who: Team Salut
Where: London
Sounds Like: Straddling the line between feeling great about how many piña coladas you had and feeling remorseful for how many piña coladas you had.

“How U Feel”

Who: Niki Bernard
Where: Copenhagen
Sounds Like: Looking for your missing friend on a misty night and things start to feel a little Hitchcockian.

“Never One of Us” ft. J Black & NA

Who: Sweyn Jupiter
Where: Somewhere in the UK
Sounds Like: Taking a time machine full of subwoofers to Ancient Egypt and descending from the sky as a Trap God.

“On Camera”

Who: Hill
Where: Edmonton, Canada
Sounds Like: Making out with the black latex ghost demon from the first season of American Horror Story in a completely non-creepy way.

“Right / Side”

Who: Golden Vessel
Where: Brisbane
Sounds Like: When you and your operating system make up after your first big fight. Being in love with a computer is hard!

“That Girl” ft. Gabrielle Aplin

Who: Salute
Where: London
Sounds Like: When you’re so happy that you hum your way down the street, only this time the strangers and animals you pass join the symphony.

“Wild Wild East”

Who: Tobi Sunmola
Where: Manchester
Sounds Like: Stepping out into a very exotic place for the first time and trying to take it all in without losing your cool.

“You Don’t Know Me”

Where: Los Angeles
Sounds Like: Going out with your friends and silently screaming when you realize you’re the only one there not in a loving relationship.

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Words by Jake Boyer
Music Editor
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