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Melbourne-based architecture firm WOLF Architects designed a modern home in Australia nicknamed “The Two Rock House.”

While its design doesn’t reflect the name, the home is essentially situated in between two rocky formations on a hilltop site. Thanks to careful study of the site’s topography, the residence’s rectangular layout in varying volumes offer multiple usages.

The entire ground floor operates as one large entertainment space with just one bedroom for guests, while bedrooms and private spaces are located upstairs. Dominating the upper floor is a sculptural fireplace built from melted Zildjian cymbals, as three circular windows on the front and back facade were symbolic of the three main cymbals on a drum kit per the request of the client. Additionally, the upper floor is completely soundproof with the implementation of insulated concrete slabs and a series of internal sound proofing screens.

Along the rear of the property is a double story music studio overlooking a stunning view, while other amenities include a six car basement garage, with a home theater and ample storage, as a 25 meter lap pool extending to an infinity edge toward the horizon near the edge of the home is one of its other notable highlights.

Furthermore, the contemporary house is fully automated, meaning owners are able to remotely operate and survey the home from any location in order to keep it secure and controlled.

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Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

scribbling by day, architect by night

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