Desperate times call for desperate measures. According to a report from the Daily Mail, FC Barcelona will reportedly offer Lionel Messi a $100 million signing bonus to keep him at the club.

That’s $100 million on top of his base salary of around $650,000 a week. The bonus would shatter previous records and truly launch athletes into a new stratosphere of earnings.

Having already lost co-star Neymar Jr. to a $262 million buyout from French club Paris St. Germain, Barcelona was left shaking in its boots and is clearly doing everything it can to keep its Argentine magician.

Already one of the richest players in the world, Messi’s contract runs out at the end of this season, allowing him to quite literally pick any destination he wants. This $100 million offer may seem like a lot, but with time running out and a renewal not yet finalized, a bidding war could erupt that may well see Messi earn even more than what Barcelona is currently offering.

Re-signing its star man has become the only thing on Barcelona’s to-do list and, let’s be honest, could you imagine Messi in anything other than a Barcelona shirt?

In other news, Diddy wants to buy the NFL – maybe Messi can help with that after signing his new contract.

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