Unless you’re a die-hard Karl Lagerfeld fan, you probably wouldn’t know that on the side the designer moonlights as a cartoonist. Since 2013, Lagerfeld has contributed images to the German political magazine Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

His latest work uses an image of Hitler to criticize the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. In the image, Hitler stands behind Merkel, telling her, “Thank you very much for inadvertently allowing my descendants to be represented in parliament.” Meanwhile, Merkel asks: “What have I done?”

The cartoon is a reference to the far-right party Alternative for Germany, which gained 13 percent of the vote in the recent federal election. This was the third-largest share of votes for all parties and enough to put the AfD into parliament. Lagerfeld blames Merkel for the AfD’s success, pointing to her pro-refugee stance for fueling the party’s rise.

“I am beside myself!” said Lagerfeld, who grew up in Nazi Germany, of the AfD’s rise. “I hoped that something like this would never happen again in my life. I am ashamed of Germany.”

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