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Russian artist Asya Kozina‘s incredibly-detailed paper designs are a nod to one of the most outlandish trends in style history, Baroque wigs. It was 2015 when Kozina initially published her paper wig creations via a costume series.

Now, the artist is back with the project’s second installment, this time implementing symbols of modern industrialization and advancement throughout the paper headwear.

“Our new series is a combination of old and new luxury, where the skyscraper rises at the top of an ornate hairstyle, and the plane is decorated with flowers and ostrich feathers,” says Asya. “They feature a ferris wheel, a violin, and the Japanese style wig contains a spring of cherry blossoms as a symbol of the multicultural character of modern life.”

All in all, Kozina draws noticeable design inspiration from the past, while also looking to the future with more modern detailing.

See the gallery above for some of Kozina’s most recent work.

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Not NYC, not LA.

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