Google has already killed a new feature that showed users how many calories they’d burn if they decided to walk somewhere, rather than drive or take a bus, following an online social media backlash.

The new feature (which, bizarrely, also included a counter of how many mini cupcakes they’d work off along the route) angered many on Twitter who said it’s triggering for people who suffer from eating disorders.

Quite how Google didn’t calculate the possible effect it might have on the estimated 30 million people in the U.S. with eating disorders is anybody’s guess.

The obvious solution would be to simply turn the feature off, only Google didn’t include an option to do so. Instead of updating the app to give users a choice (thus keeping people like this guy happy), the tech giant hastily ripped the feature from the app citing  “strong user feedback.”

In other news, sockless footwear trends are causing a foot fungus epidemic.

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