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Located on the southern tip of Nova Scotia within the Argyle Municipality of Yarmouth County is the “Sluice Point House,” a modern residence placed on a forested high point with low-lying views of marshland, small islands, and the waters of the Tusket River off the Gulf of Maine.

Designed by local studio firm Omar Gandhi Architect for Swiss seasonal occupants who would use the dwelling for recreational activities such as swimming, fishing, boating, hiking and more, the home’s aesthetic was intended to be low and horizontal due to its placement along the coastline, where it’s far from the urban landscape defined by new buildings.

Utilizing natural, local materials such as concrete and local wood cladding to comprised the structure, as well as blending perfectly into the landscape, the semicircular design of the residence placed the living areas along the side with beautiful vistas while services are directed towards the back of the floor plan.

With the space also designed to be durable, rugged and easily maintained, the interior is completely minimal with the addition of flexible elements such as a series of sliding panels, barn doors and a central rotating fireplace as one of its key elements.

The program required both open and covered outdoor deck spaces as well, as one is used for the master suite where the client could enjoy the outdoors, while the second is utilized for evening entertainment, as an extension of the living room.

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Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

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