Getting everyone into a group photo is hard. How do you get the perfect shot with everyone in frame? Selfies? Not according to Kim Kardashian West, who last week declared selfies to be dead.

Enter Elsies. Elsies are the opposite of selfies – photos taken by someone else. And to find someone to take those pictures, Tatiana Cooke and Tony Hajdari have developed ElsiePic, a photography crowdsourcing app.

ElsiePic allows users to see a map of nearby freelance photographers, whom they can hire to snap a photo. Think of it as an Uber for photography – a really ridiculous Uber for photography.

Whatever happened to the good, old fashioned handing your phone to a nearby tourist or local and having them snap a group photo?

If this app catches on, it looks like the Instagram husband could be just as dead as the selfie. For now, the app is only available in beta on Android. Fingers crossed it arrives on iPhone in the coming months.

In related news, here are the winning entries for Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

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