It should come to the surprise of literally no one reading this website that the new mixtape from Future and Young Thug has been soundtracking the Highsnobiety HQ throughout the day. Naturally, something from this blessed collaboration would end up on the round up of this week’s best new songs.

But it’s not all ATL. The past seven days have also gifted us with the return of Fever Ray (in a bizarre, sexual, alien music video of course), a startlingly bold new direction for enigmatic producer SOPHIE, another taste from Yung Lean’s hugely-hyped upcoming album and a gorgeous duet from Sampha and Syd, to name a few.

All of those and more make our picks for the Best Tracks of the Week:

Charlotte Gainsbourg – “Ring-A-Ring O’ Roses”

In Charlotte Gainsbourg’s latest track, it’s as if she’s the protagonist in a John Hughes movie that turns into a murder mystery. Produced by SebastiAn once again, the song sounds like an ’80s spaceage orchestra with swelling strings, psychedelic synths and Gainsbourg’s celestial vocals.

Fever Ray – “To the Moon and Back”

Yes, Fever Ray is back, and yes, her return single nearly a decade in the making contains the line “I want to run my fingers up your pussy.” You would think after a career of subverting expectations and surprising us – both as Fever Ray and with her brother as The Knife – that Karin Dreijer would have run out of tricks to pull. Think again. “To the Moon and Back” manages to stun in just how upbeat, happy and overtly sensual it is, a far cry from the pitch-darkness of her self-titled debut.

Future & Young Thug – “Patek Water” ft. Offset

The marriage of Future’s guttural, growling Autotune with Young Thug’s manic, squealing Autotune is so perfect in its union that we’re still grasping for words to describe the surprise Super Slimey just hours after its release. And picking favorites from the ultra-cohesive mixtape is another matter entirely. That said, a sure bet is “Patek Water,” containing the mixtape’s sole guest feature in Migos’ Offset. It encapsulates the theme of the tape as a whole: Atlanta’s finest, coming together for a once in a lifetime amount of lit-ness.

GAIKA – “BATTALION” ft. Miss Red

There has yet to be a better description for the work of GAIKA than the one he provided himself last year: ‘ghetto futurism.’ “BATTALION,” his latest single, is another addition to his already stellar body of work embodying this ideal. The track begins with 90 seconds of ambient, foreboding drone, before the beat is unleashed, letting GAIKA spill his incomparable patois-laced flow onto production that feels both icily-removed and boiling with rage.

Joji – “Will He”

Move over Yung Lean (but don’t actually because there’s room for everyone), there’s a new sad boy in town. The internet prankster turned R&B musician Joji released the heartfelt jam “Will He” this week, fixating on his ex-lover’s new boo, asking gut-wrenching questions like, “Will your tongue still remember the taste of my lips?” In case you’re sick of listening to Drake’s “Marvin’s Room” post breakup, might we suggest this one on repeat instead?

Sampha & Syd – “Show Love”

Two of our favorite R&B vocalists, Sampha and Syd, have linked up and we’re in heaven. Naturally, their collaborative bop is about love, and the track itself is airy and luminescent with a dash of head-nodding percussion.

SOPHIE – “It’s Okay To Cry”

The sheer amount of artistic growth that has taken place in SOPHIE’s new single and video is almost too startling to comprehend. After spending the past few years behind the scenes – producing for the likes of Charli XCX and Vince Staples – she has suddenly burst into the spotlight. For starters, this is the first official release in which she has shown her face. It is also the first time she has used her natural singing voice; all previous work was based on samples and pitch-shifted vocals. Now that she is front and center, the possibilities of where she’ll go from here are as rapturous as those thickly-glossed lips.

SMOKEPURPP – “Make It Quick”

Soundcloud sensation SMOKEPURPP isn’t resting on his laurels, signing with Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack label and continuing his winning streak with “Make It Quick.” With Playboi Carti-esque exclamations, an earworm-inducing flute riff and the occasional sinister cackle behind his own signature flow, the Chicago rapper continues to prove he’s one to watch.

Walker & Royce – “My Own Thang” ft. SophieGrophy

“Turning up all week” sounds better on paper than thinking about the realities of a seven-day bender, but “My Own Thang” manages to make it sound not only desirable, but vital. This is due to the dual forces of Walker & Royce’s hypnotic house track – a gliding beat that is serrated with synthesized clicks and whirs – and the magnetic charisma of guest emcee SophieGrophy, a rising Aussie talent who has more swagger in a single syllable than most garner in a lifetime.

Yung Lean – “Skimask”

Yung Lean gives us another taste of his upcoming album with the turnt-up “Skimask,” described by the Swedish rapper as a “dark Evil club anthem.” In contrast to the uplifting pop vibes of the full-length’s first two singles, Leandoer’s latest cut takes things back to a dimly lit basement lair, with wonky beats courtesy of fellow SadBoy GUD.

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  • Text: Jake Boyer & Bianca Giulione
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