Today is unofficially Stranger Things day, as season two of the acclaimed Netflix original series has finally made its way to the streaming platform. To coincide with the premiere, Red Bull has this week unleashed a new video, paying homage to the sci-fi show.

Here, we find BMX rider Anthony Perrin trapped in a parallel universe (sound familiar?) at the Teufelsberg in Berlin, an eerie communications interception station from the Cold War. He may be lost, but fellow BMXer Bruno Hoffmann is on his way to save the day, maneuvering throughout the spooky complex, ultimately being led by a mysterious voice that may be Anthony’s or may be something darker.

To see if Hoffmann can clear the levels with his riding skills, and find his pal, press play above.

For more, here’s a spoiler-free look at what goes down in ‘Stranger Things’ season two.

Not NYC, not LA.

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