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Vintage VHS horror covers are a world apart from the bland Netflix posters we’re used to, but it’s no accident that the often-tacky designs have remained in the mind of movie-lovers long after your local Blockbuster has closed down.

The above video courtesy of YouTuber Entertain The Elk, explains exactly how — and why — the horror industry made its covers so iconic.

The video charts how horror covers from 1970s exploitation movies, 1980s slasher films, and the infamous “Video Nasties” all used the AIDA advertising method to entice viewers. Things like a centered image, simplified color scheme and legible text drew the attention of the casual browser, while plenty of blood, nudity and humor kept their interest.

Watch the video above and prepare to get nostalgic for the VHS days.

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  • Main & Featured Image: Entertain the Elk / YouTube
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