While it's not trying to be scary, this "movie trailer" for a $100 million mansion for sale in LA has us kind of spooked.

Amid regular shots of the mansion, named "Opus," the video focuses on a group of half-naked, gold-painted women writhing around the house and occasionally wearing some nightmare-inducing masks.

The trailer is so bizarre that you're half expecting it to turn into a horror movie — not exactly what you want people to think of when you're selling a house.

Putting the gold women aside, the house itself is amazing. It sits on over 20,000 square feet in an area of Beverly Hills that CNBC has dubbed "billionaires row." The trailer's excess isn't all for show either — included in the price is a champagne vault with over 170 bottles of Cristal, alongside the gold Lamborghini and a Rolls-Royce.

In more normal house news, Steimle Architekten’s E20 House in Germany is a crystal made out of concrete.

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