Brand: Gucci x 100 Thieves

Buy: Gucci's website and Beverly Hills flagship for $2,500 apiece.

Editor's Notes: Fashion and gaming are inextricably intertwined, this much we already knew, but Gucci is really doubling down on its mission to align with gamers. With Roblox and Tennis Clash already under its Double G belt, Gucci announced a surprise partnership with 100 Thieves last week and is already rolling out an accompanying accessory to tease the complete collaborative capsule.

With backing from Silicon Valley and celebrity investors like Drake , 100 Thieves is one of the world's pre-eminent Esports organizations. It's almost more of an entertainment imprint than a mere gaming team, really: though 100 Thieves does staff its squads with world-class gamers, it also employs a plethora of content creators to keep its social channels buzzing and generate external hype.

A few of those 100 Thieves personalities appear in the imagery that introduces the Gucci x 100 Thieves backpack, the first from a series of ongoing drops. The campaign enlists nine 100 Thieves members — creators Neekolul; Valkyrae; Nadeshot; Yassuo; CouRageJD; BrookeAB; Kris London; pro players SSumday and Kenny; all fully ensconced in head-to-toe Gucci — for the accompanying campaign, shot at the collectives' high-tech HQ.

The backpacks — limited to 200 pieces — are part of Gucci's eco-conscious Off The Grid program, utilizing recycled Econyl and upcycled nylon in their construction. They're also finished with a vivid red that matches 100 Thieves' logo. Co-branding and a tonal monogram make the luxury leanings clear, while multiple straps and ample cargo pockets encourage the stashing of controllers, mice, and headphones.

Best seen as a major arrival moment for 100 Thieves — this is its move from streetwear to proper luxury — the collaboration iterates two crucial Gucci angles: cornering the luxury-meets-gaming market and promoting sustainable production.

As seen with last month's Demetra sneakers, Gucci is all-in on green messaging. It's a tricky realm for fashion brands to successfully navigate but Gucci has made laudable headway, especially compared to some of its peers.

Though Gucci's sustainability initiatives are sincere but they're also part of a bid to allure Gen Z shoppers, who crave conscious clothing (in terms of both make and messaging).

Likewise, the house's 100 Thieves push and greater gaming efforts are aimed at further aligning Gucci with younger consumers. Indeed, 100 Thieves investor Sequoia Capital knows the power of tapping into Esports fanbases, especially one as devoted as 100 Thieves', which frequently snaps up all the merch that the team drops.

Whether the messaging finds its mark or not, don't expect the 100 Thieves x Gucci backpacks to sit for very long.

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