Brace yourselves, for new emoji are coming – over 150 of them. The massive update is set to arrive later this year after Unicode approved the new emoji this week, as Business Insider reports.

Included in the upgrade is a peacock, a pirate flag (how this took so long we’ll never know), and a kangaroo for those Down Under. Redheads and people with curly hair will also be happy to see that they will finally be represented through the new emoji.

According to Unicode’s blog post, the release is scheduled for June 2018, with new emoji typically starting to show up on mobile phones in August or September. You can check the entire list of new emoji here.

In the meantime, Emojipedia has released sample images for the entire new emoji list, which you can check out here or via the video below. All the emoji have been created in Apple’s iOS style, however, the designs are not confirmed and official emoji could well look very different come fall 2018.

In other news, the internet has fallen in love with Nigeria’s World Cup kit. Check out the best reactions here.

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