Berlin-based graffiti collective, 1UP, known for tagging moving subway trains by almost everyone in their native Germany and even more so throughout the world, now present their latest project titled, Graffiti Olympics.

Joint directed by Australian video director Selina Miles, the 1UP crew roamed the streets of Athens, Greece, as teams of graffiti artists tagged up the city’s walls, transportation systems, buildings and more in a highly organized manner. The escapade resembled more of what one might have expected to see in Ocean’s Eleven than in a graffiti video.

Captured mainly using a drone, Miles followed the vandals overhead, as she expertly lined up one shot after another in a continuous sequence of aerosol goodness. Handing over the the aerosol can as if it were a baton in record time, saw 1UP cross the finish line before being captured or spotted by local authorities.

Enjoy the video above, and for more in art news, Virgil Abloh and Takashi Murakami’s art exhibition is all about ‘Future History.’

Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

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