If the prospect of a SneakerBoot is still way too progressive for you and you’re more of a traditionalist when it comes to seasonal footwear, that’s more than alright with us. In fact, we’d like to go out of our way to ensure you’re also catered for by providing you with an alternative selection – a selection of 20 of the best winter boots available now. From the heritage Americana brands such as Yuketen and Red Wing, through to go-to classics such as Timberland and Diemme via higher-end visvims.

After a summer of wearing varying types of soft, lightweight, flimsy, slip-on and slip-off shoes or sandals, it’s great to finally wear something with a bit of support that doesn’t make your feet vulnerable to any type of passing traffic. Not only will your feet benefit from it but your style will, too. Proper boots give you those Nick Wooster levels of style, the kind that has evolved and matured over time. Treat them well though, smother them in leather creams and waterproof sprays, and you’ll both reap the benefits.

Words by Maude Churchill