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Ford Bronco enthusiasts have been eagerly waiting on a new model for some time now. And while the automaker has been teasing the idea of a fresh rendition, expected to arrive by 2020, fan forum Bronco6G.com has taken it up on themselves to design a 2020 Ford Bronco concept.

Again, Ford hasn’t provided a glimpse of what to expect at all from the new build, but Bronco6G has come through with multiple versions of a concept we would love to see be put into production. The forum designed the 2020 entry by taking aspects from various Bronco models as well as modern Ford trucks and SUVs. Classic elements have been blended with more futuristic and never-before-seen detailing. The tall and boxy build is still present on their concept, as they focused on durability and off-road capabilities. Various grilles, fender shapes and heights were all played with, while multiple versions even feature a cargo rack.

So while we wait for official info and imagery from Ford, take a look at what Bronco6G would like to see in the 2020 Bronco. Would you be interested in purchasing?

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