Earlier this week Complex released a list ranking the 25 Most Powerful People in Streetwear. Naturally, a list of this stature sparked much frenzy, controversy and backlash in the community. Rather than just sitting back and complaining about inaccuracies, Jon Buscemi (of Gourmet NFN) took to Instagram today to release his own Top 25.

If you're wondering about names like Shawn Stussy and Rick Klotz - either they no longer own the companies they founded or their brands no longer exist..

The order you see below is a matter of interpretation and opinion.

The 25 Most Powerful People in Streetwear:

1. James Jebbia 2. Dov Charney 3. Nigo 4. Frank Sinatra 5. Shinsuke Takizawa 6. Brian "KAWS" Donnelly 7. Tetsu Nishiyama 8. Jean Touitou 9. Arnaud Faeh 10. Eddie Cruz 11. Keith Hufnagel 12. Eric Brunnetti 13. Shepard Fairey 14. Dennis Calvero/ Rob Panilio 15. Bobby Hundreds 16. Nick Tershay 17. Russ Karablin 18. Scott Sasso 19. Edison Chen 20. Darren Romanelli 21. Gareth Skewis 22. Rich Antinello 23. Aaron Levant 24. Greg Selkoe 25. Michael "Mega" Yabut

Honorable mention - Ralph Lauren, Kanye West, Mark McNairy and Aaron Bondaroff

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