Have you ever ordered an item online and been baffled by the amount of packaging it arrived in? 3M has a new solution to reduce waste, save space, and lessen the amount of time it takes to pack, as reported by Fast Company.

The company's new Scotch Flex & Seal Shipping Roll requires no tape or filler and can ship any item under three pounds—which 3M says accounts for 60 percent of items sold online. To use it, all you need to do is place the item on the grey interior of the material and fold enough of it to surround the item. By pressing the sides together the adhesive inside will seal together without clinging to the item itself. After just 30 seconds, the seal is strong enough that it must be opened by scissors.

The roll is made of three layers of plastic: the interior that's adhesive, a middle layer similar to bubble wrap that protects its contents, and a strong outer lawyer that's both tear- and water-resistant. Best of all, all of the material is recyclable.

You can buy the material yourself from retailers like Amazon, Staples, and Target. But hopefully retailers like Amazon, Staples, and Target will begin using it themselves.

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