We're back with another bangin' edition of "5 Tumblrs..." We mixed in some stuff for girls, which appeals to the fellas, too. We found a cool blog dedicated to hotels that a reader submitted via our comment section last week, so we wanted to share that one with you. Also, we were pleasantly surprised to find the Tumblr for the great B&H Photo in New York.

Enjoy! And please share your pages in our comment section.

Nasty Gal - The Tumblr blog for quite the success story that is Nasty Gal.

Vans Girls - The official Tumblr for Vans Girls. Cool images and DIY ideas.

Adam Schuit - As dudes that travel a lot, it's nice to stay up on the hotel scene. We hope this one gets updated a lot, because we like the concept.

Juergen Teller - A fan made Tumblr dedicated to the work of the awesome Juergen Teller.

B&H Photo - One of the best spots to go to for cameras and equipment. Nice blog giving store updates, as well as other cool things like tips and other camera related stuff.

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