An image of Aaron Paul looking very confused at a 2012 fashion show resurfaced recently, and Reddit users went in on it for the site's latest Photoshop Battle.

The hilarious Photoshop mashups see the model being replaced with Gus and Walter White from Breaking Bad, as well as what looks like a kid's costume of Jabba the Hutt. Paul also gets the Reddit treatment, being replaced by his character in Bojack Horseman and getting a nice little outfit change.

But the best meme was a mashup of Bryan Cranston as Hal "race walking" in an episode of Malcom in the Middle.

Aaron Paul thought so too, and the actor took to Instagram to share "one of the great memes that was created during the battle." In the accompanying caption he also gave his ex co-star some love, writing: "my god I love Hal. And I think the guy playing him is alright as well. Love you Cranston."

See a selection of the other Photoshop mashups below.

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