A few years back, Ace Hotel tapped Alpha Industries to create a smooth Fishtail Parka perfect for trudging through wet weather in style.

Now over three years later, the duo has returned for a brand new rendition of the Waterproof Fishtail Parka, now in navy. Drawing inspiration from the M-65 field jacket, the jacket offers a lightweight construction and adaptability that withstands cold weather and the test of time. Minor details such as carefully constructed snap cultures, inset cuffs and quality drawstrings serve as little reminders as to why both labels have remained at the top of their respective niches.

To celebrate the partnership, the two brands are having a giveaway – winner gets a free parka and stay at Ace Hotel New Orleans, plus free Stumptown coffee delivered to their door for three months. You can enter the giveaway here.

For more from Alpha Industries, be sure to peep the N-3B Parka they recently made in collaboration with Patta.

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