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Adam Lucas is making the transition from street art to ar-TEEST in his latest exhibit, “Some Grow Up, Others Grow Down.” This is the inaugural exhibit of Lucas who is ditching his stage name, Hanksy, and is taking a pivot from his former sardonic street art memes for more meaningful material.

The prolific street artist took up residence inside an unfinished storefront at the corner of Canal and Bowery in New York City. The space is filled with huge striking murals in a range of styles — from meticulously rendered photorealistic to visually stimulating, bright and vibrant colors. He leaves the jokes and wordplay he’s known for at the door, and tackles more serious and somber themes head on, including police brutality.

“Some Grow Up, Others Grow Down” is located at 151 Canal Street, and runs through Sunday, November 12. Take an exclusive look inside the space above.

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  • Photographer: Thomas Welch
Words by Kyle Hodge
Staff Writer

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