adidas is hoping to increase its US market share to around 15 to 20 percent, according to a new interview published by Boersen Zeitung. "In every market we have a share of at least 15 to 20 percent," adidas CFO Hans Ohlmeyer said. "Our medium-term goal in the United States is also to reach that level. Currently we are significantly lower," he added.

According to Business of Fashion, market researchers estimate adidas' share of the US market at 10 percent, meaning the German sportswear brand plans on at least doubling their market share. This is very realistic, seeing as adidas is already outselling Jordan Brand in the U.S. The success has created some problems, though, as in the same interview, Ohlmeyer admitted the growth has "been too fast for our infrastructure." He also confirmed adidas will be increasing its logistics capacity this year to help alleviate the supply bottlenecks the surge in demand has caused. Hopefully this means more adidas for everyone.

Lastly, seeing as online sales rose by half to around $1.83 billion last year, adidas is planning to open a new warehouse facility in the German state of Lower Saxony this year to help its e-commerce business.

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