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Italy’s Adriano Design studio unveils its latest creation with a modern ping pong table that places an emphasis on its material construction. The model is actually another variation of the studio’s classic “Lungolinea” glass version, which was crafted in conjunction with Milan-based bespoke luxury gaming table manufacturer IMPATIA.

This new wood edition “Lungolinea” made its debut at this year’s Salone Del Mobile 2019, where the latest creations and innovations across a variety of disciplines, including interior architecture, product manufacturing and fashion design were showcased.

In terms of the model’s aesthetic, the ping pong table is composed of a glass playing surface with a playing net in the middle, made out of Alcantara. The table’s other notable design element is directed at its Ash wood legs with a walnut finish, creating a sophisticated aesthetic that mixes natural and man-made materials perfectly.

Additionally, the Lungolinea’s high-precision production techniques make it suitable for other types of table games including poker and more. The table is also offered in three other versions: gold, chrome and black chrome. For additional details and availability, head over to IMPATIA’s website.

Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

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